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About Orosine

What is Orosine?
Res-Q Orosine is a specially formulated, all-natural nutritional supplement containing the ingredients inosine and magnesium orotate, Each of these ingredients has years of scientific proof documenting their safety and ability to repair and protect your heart and other organ systems in the body.

Inosine is one of the fundamental components in the building blocks of DNA and RNA. It is naturally found in the human body as well as in plants. Inosine is a precursor to adenosine, an important energy molecule that plays many supportive roles in the body, including oxygen metabolism and protein synthesis. Inosine is converted to uric acid, a powerful antioxidant.

Magnesium Orotate is a combination of 6% of magnesium and 94% orotate, a key intermediate in the building blocks of DNA and RNA. It is naturally manufactured in the human body as well as in plants. Magnesium orotate has been shown to have many more
cardio-benefits than magnesium alone.

Orosine's two main ingredients in Orosine have decades of research and clinical trials that document their safety. No adverse side effects have ever been reported. Since inosine converts to uric acid in the body, people with gout (who already have high levels of uric acid) should consult a doctor before taking Orosine.

Res-Q Orosine contains no harmful stimulants. Orosine will not leave you feeling jittery and nervous, or interfere with sleep quality. The energy you feel is naturally made by your body as a result of an increase in ATP, the body's fuel source.

Are you concerned about their heart health?
Depleted cardiac energy is associated with increased cardiac stress, reduced blood flow in the body, fatigue, and decreased exercise tolerance. The ingredients in Res-Q Orosine are the key nutrients necessary for quickly restoring cardiac energy,


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